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Badotherm offers a full range of products to measure pressure, temperature and level. All of our products are designed and manufactured under our supervision in Badotherm facilities worldwide. This is far more complex than it seems. Manufacturing a perfect product starts with its design. Not only does Badotherm design the end product, and all its components, the necessary tooling and machinery are designed in house too.
Chemical seals
Badotherm's flexible and extensive chemical seal range with a wide choice of system fill fluids and diaphragm materials,

Badotherm’s manifold range includes basic one-way needle valves, straight or angle type, up to 3, 4, and 5-valve manifolds.

Additional devices
Badotherm offers a limited specialised product range for the automotive industry.

Level gauges
The completer range of level instruments encompasses tubular level gauges; reflex and transparent level gauges, and magnetic level gauges.


Temperature instruments
Badotherm’s range of gas filled and bimetallic temperature instruments range from a minimum of -200 °C up to a maximum of 650 °C.


Pressure instruments
Badotherm’s full range of mechanical pressure instruments to accurately measure your process conditions


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